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A downloadable RPG exterior pack

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RPG asset tileset exterior pack

✨Amazing graphics

✨Plug-and-play packages

✨Versatile ressources

It's that simple : you save time AND money !

>> Exterior pack

>> Dungeon pack

>> Winter Pack

>> Character pack

>> Monster pack

>> FREE pack

⤴️ Update week 49 : Berries !

🎮 Features 

  • Everything in one big atlas
  • UNITY package

  • GODOT sample project with 2x2 autotiles.
  • RPG MAKER tilesets and autotiles.

❓ I want more !

  • Weekly updates
  • Recurent sales
  • Coop-bundle

We make regular updates, devlog and sales. Give us a rate ⭐️ and comment below if you want specific stuff, let's talk 💬!

✏️Artists behind this projet :

Thanks a lot for your support :).

Updated 23 days ago
AuthorThe low-res artist
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity, RPG Maker, Godot
Tags16-bit, 2D, asset, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Retro, Tileset, Top-Down
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few seconds


Get this RPG exterior pack and 4 more for $14.99 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$11.99 $5.99 USD or more

In order to download this RPG exterior pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5.99 USD. You will get access to the following files: 1 MB

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I want to purchase this RPG Ultimate asset BUNDLE, but I already own the RPG Exterior pack, is it possible to have a refund on that before I purchase this?

Is there any chance the characters will get a basic attack animation?

Thank you!

Hello Magusonline,

Of course, I'll refound you :)

Regarding an update, the team is currently working on another project for the upcomming weeks, but we'll definitely come back soon !

Thank you! I sent the paypal email above and purchased the bundle. I look forward to supporting your next collaboration

I have refund you this pack :)

Really great work folks. Has anyone managed to stitch any of these together in auto tiles (Unity Rule Tiles)? 

Hello GamifyTheWorld,

We didn't yet :). 

Well I purchased the bundle and I'm going to go through these and see if I can make some Rule Tiles in Unity. Sometimes it's hard to decipher the layout and I may ask a couple of questions, if you don't mind. The art looks most splendid!

(1 edit)

Ok !

Thank you anyway :)


Hey, great tilemap, love it so far. I am having trouble finding a light green tile for the ground in Unity, everyone I select have a single row of colour from the tile beside it

Hello ggsammy,

Tell me more :). Do you mean the tilemap is bugged or are you missing a specific tile (grass, dirt, road, ...) ?

I cannot find a solid grass tile that doesn't have a row of pixel that intersect the tile next to it. They all seem to look correct until I hit the play button (image below). Think it might be the sprites being split 1 pixel off.

If it all looks nice within the editor but not in-game, you may have a rendering issue (maybe your project isn't setup for low resolution). 

Did you setup your project with the pixel perfect camera ? Here is the tutorial : Link.


Thank you, that has fixed it! Looking good now :)

My pleasure :) !


Thank you for making this a bundle!



I just bought the bundle, but can still only access the free version from this asset?

Hello tobybear,

My bad ! It's because this package is free in the settings. I've fix it so you should be able to access to complete version without additionnal payment.

=> Had to remove the free version for now (I'll made a different projet for it tomorow).

Sorry for this inconvenient !

hey this looks really great! congrats

Thank you :)

On a Godot picture I see some dark-green grass. Can you add it to all other assets please? As far as I see, atlas misses tiles with it =)

(1 edit)

Hello Carnagovish,

Oops that's true. The dark grass is only present in the godot + rpgmaker autotile file. I've just fixed that, is it OK now ?

It is OK now, thanks!

At your service !

(1 edit) (+1)

Can you add some dynamic water?

thank you!!


Hello Panda Island,

On my way !


I loved this and bought the asset pack!  A couple of requests for future updates from me personally:

1.  45 degree sprites moving to simulate diagonal movement would be amazing!

2.  In the preview pictures for this pack you have fire animations, shadows from the sky and directed light coming down.  I would love to have a sprite for each of these provided as I don't see them in the pack when downloaded.

Thanks again for the amazing work!

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello slicky_nicky :),

Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me !

Regarding your suggestions :

1. At the moment I'm not working toward diagonal movements. I may give it a try for one character in the future (probably within a character package). I wonder if I can manage to get a decent result with the 16x16 size limitation.

2. I understand what you say, haha. Those elements didnt reach my "quality standard" to be part of the current package : the black clouds are just plain black with opacity variation and the fire animation is... meh. I'll fix that in the next version of this package (by the end of october).

Btw, one effect in the .gif preview picture can't be added : the particule effect (ashes). It's done with Rpg Maker MV editor (by reversing the snow effect lol).

Have a good day !


I hope you could do Unity atlas/package with your sprites soon. We plan to use your nice sprites in our Unity-based game.
And of course I hope you would do some more settings like caves and snow. Your artwork is amazing!

Hello Carnagovish and thank you for your comment :)

I'll take a look this weekend about Unity.

Next package will be a dungeon one btw but I'll try with snow too !


I 2nd the desire for a Unity pack! I'll follow you and look forward to more packs.

(1 edit) (+2)

Hey Carnagovish & wowjustmike :)

Please take a look at the Unity package I juste create (contain a tilepalette with the atlas).

Are you looking for more ? A sample project maybe with a complete layer / camera / player setup maybe.

Enjoy anyway :) !


Are your tilesets 2x2, 3x3 minimal or 3x3 auto? 

(1 edit)

Hello devliam :),

Parts like road, water and mountains are stored in 3x3 tiles + an additionnal 2x2 (above) to cover every possible angle. It's all manual for now.

In the subfolder rpgmaker/ I've added an autotile tileset file for roads, but it's arranged for this software only.

I plan to arrange the atlas for other softwares (such as unity, godot, gamemaker, gbstudio, ...) in the future.

Do you have any suggestion about that ?


Hey thanks for the reply! I'm biased since I'm developing in Godot but here's a link to the 2x2 mask and 3x3 minimal mask. Personally I like using 3x3 minimal but if your target is rpg maker I'm not sure what they use

No worries, my target isn't rpgmaker specifically, it's just that I'm used to it :) so I've delivered it accordingly in a subfolder.

I'll take a look at Godot this weekend to propose an appropriate update, thank you !

Hello devliam

I took a look at Godot today. Here are some 2x2 autotiles I've prepared. Is this kind of setup enough for your usage ?


Very interesting style, I like it!

Thank you :) I'll make more in the future !

Deleted 9 days ago

Thanks :D ! Yeah my inspiration is clearly from Pokemon !

Deleted 9 days ago

Wah, this is impressive 🤩. It must have been a lot of work already, well done !

Keep going and don't hesitate to request for updates.


Looks great !  Look forward to the updates . Maybe more biomes like desserts , mountains , snowy trees etc. 

(1 edit)

Good idea !

I was wondering about update VS new dungeon package. I'll give a try with snow bione first, we'll see how it goes :).

Thanks !